Serves 6


·         1 butternut squash (1.2kg)

·         3 tbsp Biona Organic Coconut Oil

·         1 red onion

·         1 clove of garlic

·         30g spinach, finely chopped

·         10 Biona Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes

·         75g roasted cherry tomatoes

·         75g Biona Organic Brown Basmati Rice

·         75g Biona Organic Dried Cranberries

·         1 pack Biona Organic Feta



·         Preheat the oven to 180°C.

·         Wash the butternut squash, cut it in half lengthways, then remove and reserve the seeds.

·         Use a spoon to score and scoop some flesh out, making a gully for the stuffing all along the length of the butternut squash.

·         Finely chop the scooped-out flesh with the seeds and put into a frying pan on a medium heat with 2 tbsp of coconut oil.

·         Peel, finely chop and add the onion and garlic, stirring regularly and adding the spinach and tomatoes.

·         Stir into the pan with the rice and cranberries.

·         Fry for 10 minutes, or until softened.

·         Pack the mixture tightly into the gully in the two butternut squash halves, then press the halves firmly back together.

·         Rub the skin of the butternut squash with a little coconut oil, salt and pepper.

·         Wrap the butternut squash in tin foil and place in the oven.

·         Bake for around 2 hours, or until soft and cooked through.

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