Biofair-Fair Trade fortnight

23rd Feb 2009

BiOFAIR celebrates Fair Trade Fortnight with Spelt Cantuccini



We’d like to wish everyone a happy Fair Trade fortnight!  Windmill Organics created the BiOFAIR brand to support and celebrate Organic Fair Trade.  BiOFAIR is always organic, always Fair Trade.


One of our newest products, is BiOFAIR Organic Fair Trade Spelt Cantuccini with Brazil Nut and Cocoa.  This includes Organic Fair Trade ingredients, such Brazil Nuts from Peru, Qunioa from Bolivia, Raw Cane Sugar from Paraguay and Cocoa from the Dominican Republic.



Our aim with BiOFAIR, is to help third world communities develop economically sound trading relationships, whilst at the same time protecting the health of farmers and the integrity of the local environment.  The BiOFAIR work also includes helping the communities that provide the ingredients for our products.  For example, the Raw Cane Sugar used in BiOFAIR Spelt Cantuccini comes from Paraguay.  Since 2005, the Fair Trade premium has bought a tractor, and school material for over 5000 children!  Future plans include free health checks for villages, as there is no national health system.


We bring BiOFAIR products to you with great pride and joy, and we hope that you will find them tasty and enjoyable.



Happy Fair Trade Fortnight!



BiOFAIR products are available through your local health food shop, and from leading UK wholesalers.


Fair Trade Fortnight is celebrated: 23rd February to 8th March