Modern Slavery Policy

Our Company takes its responsibilities under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 very seriously and we have robust safeguards in place to ensure that we comply with its obligations. This document explains our practices and provides insight into the care we take throughout our supply chain and business organization. This statement relates to the actions and activities during our current financial year 2018/19

Company structure and Mission
Our mission at Windmill Organics Ltd is to promote the development of Organic agriculture –thus protecting the health of the soil and biodiversity, the health of workers who produce our food and the health of end users who consume the food products. We do this work through our certified Organic brands-Amisa , Biona , Bonsan,RAW,Profusion and BioFair. Each year we and each of our suppliers are independently audited to ensure compliance with strict legal Organic rules.

Our main distribution is to health food wholesalers throughout the UK & Ireland. We also supply supermarkets with a small range of our products. Outside of the UK, we work with over 30 export customers both in the EU and internationally.

Company policies on slavery and human trafficking
We regularly review our supply chain to evaluate any human trafficking and slavery risks.
We conduct supplier self-assessments and audits throughout our supply chain with a focus on worker safety, slavery, human trafficking, child labour and other legal requirements.

Our policy is to only partner with ethical companies so we can be sure that slavery and human trafficking does not exist in our supply chain.

Many of our suppliers are our long term partners and it is crucial for Windmill Organics that they share our high ethical & quality standards. This long term cooperation establishes trust and transparency on both sides.

If ethical requirements are not adhered to, the supplier relationship will be terminated.

Our company is committed to act ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings

We have other policies in place which help ensure that we adhere to this approach.

Ethical trading policy

Discrimination and Harassment policy

Ethical procurement and supplier partnership policies

Our employees and suppliers are expected to act with integrity

Risk evaluation and due diligence

We perceive the greatest risk of slavery and human trafficking to lie in our supply chain, as the managerial oversight is not in our direct control.

In addition to the staff training provided in our Ethical trading policies, we have a due diligence programme when taking on new suppliers, from supplier self-assessments to audits as required.

Suppliers are made aware that violating our Ethical codes will result in actions being taken and possible termination of the business relationship.

Management Approval

This statement is hereby approved by the Managing Director and the Management team and will be reviewed and updated where necessary annually to ensure Windmill Organics Ltd remains compliant.



Noel Mc Donald